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Virtual Estate

Your passport to the future of real estate sales. Unleash the power of immersive 3D and 360 virtual tours. Connect, engage, and sell to a global audience like never before. Transform your vision into reality. Let the revolution begin!

Trade Show

The perfect option to generate a virtual asset. Enhance your brand awareness strategy by sharing your capabilities in the virtual world or get hybrid in a physical event. For business purposes, any booth can be embedded in your website and used as a sales tool.

Virtual meetings and conferences

Tired of the traditional conference calls? The Creative Office is the ‘new now.’ Here, you will find a virtual work environment with the power of speech to contact coworkers, clients, sponsors, or partners. Creativity and customization are limitless.

Stage Audience

The virtual place where one or more speakers share a product or service or any kind of information with attendees. The scenography has infinite creative options, the customization is endless and does not adapt to the laws of reality. Attendees cannot interact with each other.


As VR content creators, this is what we strive for. With this, users will be transported to a virtual booth in the metaverse to watch live streamed events or concerts. Get comfortable and enjoy this new immersive experience.

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What Our Clients Say

“The company wanted to engage and have first-hand experience with a metaverse platform. EventFy tailored a custom solution that lets our teams enjoy and learn the opportunities in this environment. The platform’s plug-and-play system made it super easy for everybody, they understood our challenges and created something memorable.”
Hector Leal
Senior Director - Partner Solutions
“As part of our marketing strategies, we decided to go with EventFy to enhance our brand awareness. The result was clear: we solidified our relationship with our partners and closed deals in the metaverse. This is the future of business, and we are glad to be part of the journey already.”
William Vera
“During our Event Design & Production campaign of 2022, the company integrated the metaverse as part of our cutting-edge elements for our vendors. EventFy used its platform to serve as a ‘bridge’ between the physical and virtual world and we couldn’t expect a better outcome. We installed VR spaces in the events and it was phenomenal... we even kept it embedded in our website.”
Lambrino Cristoff
“Working with the Eventfy has been a game changer to elevate the experience at our Venture Café Thursday Gatherings! Their metaverse experience took our attendees to a whole new level of engagement and excitement. We've worked with the team multiple times, and they consistently deliver above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend Eventfy to anyone looking to take their events to new heights and create a truly unforgettable experience!”
Alejandra Silva

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive the project?

Once the customer sends all the documentation needed to customize the booth, the project will be ready in up to two weeks for the PRO and PREMIUM booth. The deadline for the ENTERPRISE package will be discussed in the discovery calls.

What to expect after I decide to get a package?

We'll guide you through the whole process to satisfy your company’s needs. A service agreement and a branding guideline will be sent immediately after your decision. Once the payment is complete, a discovery call will take place to discuss the final details for the customization of the space. The rest of the follow-up conversations will be via email.

What is a Hybrid Event?

Is the combination of functionalities between your physical booth and a virtual activation. On our end, we guarantee the design of the virtual space as well as the set up in your physical stand.

Can I keep the project for future purposes? How?

Yes, all of our immersive experiences are web-based, which means that they can be shared through a link. After the event is finished, this link can be embedded in any website for as long as the customer wants. A maintenance fee will be applied for this option.

Do I need to install any app?

No installation nor app is needed.

How do I maximize my ROI with Eventfy?

For a fraction of the cost of your physical booth, we will be able to design an experience that will enhance your physical booth strategies and efforts.

Is it possible to add sponsors?

Absolutely yes. We have designed different spaces in all our booths so the sponsors can expose their brands to help you monetize your experience to a level you never reached before.

Can I add sales representatives to my event?

Yes, all of our booths provide at least one sales representative.

Do you provide virtual headsets?

If the customer has the necessary VR headsets, a quick training session will be needed. However, we have a renting option.

Our clients

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