"We are ready to create new realities"
We are a web platform for the event community in the metaverse, designed for companies that are ready to make a difference in virtual and hybrid events.
Eventfy stands out for its ISE (Immersion, Simplicity and Engagement) and the result is powerful: users finally have the Social Presence they have been demanding since the pandemic changed the way of planning events a few years ago.Let’s dig a little more into the ISE.


The times where you attend a corporate event by just watching a video while you’re not ‘there’ are gone. With our combination of art and technology you will have a virtual travel like never before.


Since we are a web-based, you can dive into your virtual event saving time and without being forced to download any app. You can use any kind of device with a browser.


Have you ever imagined attending a concert, browsing art galleries or even meeting your favorite football player in the metaverse? All this is possible in Eventfy. Flexibility and customization are endless. You imagine it and we make it possible.